Out with the old and in with the new: What to look forward to during the 2017-2018 school year

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Wth the school year ending and another one quickly  approaching, the administration has decided to make a few changes to help both students and staff. Even though administration plans on making some changes for next year, most of them are minor and are meant to help make things easier for everyone. 


During the summer, the administration will be examining the current attendance policy and brainstorming a new one. They will be continuing personalized learning with more departments and personalized professional development for teachers. There will be no changes made to C.O.R.E. 


“Teachers have been selecting their choices, so not everyone will be going to the same thing next year,” said Emily Brown. 


There will also be new classes added. Included in those is a new math class called math 10. This will be a class designed to help students who are struggling in math or who did not pass the ISTEP test. Dual Credit Japanese will also be a class available to students who are interested in taking it. 


Administration has also decided to change registration days. Now registration for grades 10-12 will happen on one day, July 19 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The freshmen will have their own registration days: July 24 for students with a last name starting with the letters A-K, and July 25 for students with a last name of L-Z. 


As for the Walker Career Center, there will be three new classes available for students. Fashion and Textiles Careers, Education 


Professions two and industrial automation and robotics are all two hour block classes that students will be able to take next year. Fashion and Textiles Career is a fashion class that students will be able to take if they have completed the Introduction to Fashion and Textiles course. 


Education professions two will be a class for students who are interested in teaching. This class will make it possible for students to take two years of education professions as juniors and seniors. Industrial automation and robotics is a class for students who are interested in learning about welding, precision machine, pneumatics, hydraulics and industrial technology and equipment and how it works. 


The last change being made in the Walker Career Center will be when freshmen take the classes personal financial responsibility and preparing for college and careers. The way the classes work right now is that half the students take PFR and PCC in the fall and then they switch in the spring. Beginning next year all freshmen will take PCC in the fall and PFR in the spring.


“What that allows us to do is really take that class and use it as a welcome to high school,”  WCC director Dr. Steve Rogers said.