Photo Club Exhibits in Irvington

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The Photographer’s Club is a chance for students to express themselves through photography. It is a way for students to find their style and build themselves as photographical artists.

“I was not only able to grow a lot as a photographer, working with people who are older than me, but also explore who I was creatively,” said club president Destini Ross about her first year in the club.

Ross also commented on the unique level of intimacy of the club.

“I really feel like one thing that Photo Club does well is allowing people from all different backgrounds and from every grade to really work together in a close environment and get to have friendships that you’re not going to get in your classroom.”

The club is excited to have an exhibit that is being held at the Bona Thompson Memorial Center in Irvington. It will exhibit photographs from some of Warren Central’s finest photographers. The exhibit will span from March 3 to May 4. 

This is a very large event for, not only the Photographer’s Club, but for the entire Art Department. According to Mr. Spencer, the club’s director, this is the first time an art group has ever done a show outside of the school.

This exhibit will serve as a way for the students to show the community their creative talent and individual styles as photographers.

“Everyone in Photo Club has their own style. There’s not only one niche that everyone fits into,” said Ross.

The club members are presented with this opportunity pretty early compared to other photographers.

“I had my first show when I was a sophomore in college,” said Mr. Spencer, describing the rarity of this opportunity.

This event will also give members a taste of what a professional exhibit is like.

“We’re going to try to make it as much like a real gallery art show as we can, with a reception that’s just like a real gallery reception, not like a high school reception,” said Mr. Spencer.

The exhibit will give club members the opportunity to interact with many different people.

“People from all over Warren Township and the local communities have been invited so students will have the opportunity to work with people they’ve never [interacted with] or wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. It’s just a really exciting opportunity to get to see how the real art world works,” said Destini.

For more information about the Bona Thompson Memorial Center exhibit or the Photographer’s Club in general, contact Mr. Spencer or Destini Ross.