Prom Tips

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Prom is quickly approaching and while there are certain things to worry about such as the details of pictures, coordinating rides and what to do afterwards, no one should forget the things that you’ll need on the night of Prom itself. Here are a few things to remember to make it the perfect night:

Deodorant: What do you think happens after dancing in a room full of people with heavy makeup, long dresses, strong cologne and fancy tuxes? Sweat! Everyone, after the first hour will obviously start to smell. The blend of perfume and cologne will start to fade and the forceful smell of musk will overtake the room. The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim of the mixture of smells is to be armed with precautions. Don’t bring perfume. Bring deodorant.

Charger: This is one of the most vital items to have with you on hand at all time. Especially with smartphones, you never know when your phone is going to die. You could be recording a video of someone tearing up the dance floor one minute and then your phone will be dead and wasting space in your pocket the next. There are so many places to charge your phone so don’t forget to bring one.

Flip Flops/ Sandals: Ladies. We get it, those heels were expensive and they look amazing with your dress. Don’t you think that after two hours your feet will start crying for release? Then you decide to take your shoes off and walk around barefooted. That is the most disgusting idea you could possibly think of. This is why you bring an extra pair of sandals or flip flops. The chances of you stepping into something disgusting barefooted are more avoidable if you just bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes.

Dinner: Many students attending prom reserve seating at a restaurant before prom. People go out and spend more than $20 on a meal when a meal is already provided. The ticket that you purchase is meant to cover the cost of food, so you don’t have to spend more before the event. It would make more sense to go out somewhere like Steak ‘n’ Shake after Prom which requires you to bring extra cash. This way, you’re not spending more money than you should be, all because you want to look fancy.

Parking: Our school is not the only school hosting a Prom downtown on April 29. The downtown area will be crowded with cars, limos and even party busses. The chances of finding a convenient parking space close to the ballroom are slim to none. This is why everyone should plan ahead for parking. Do some research to find out parking locations and how much they cost. Plan to walk a bit. When you purchase your ticket there will be a page of information about parking. Read that information so you are aware of problems that could arise and how to avoid those problems.

Umbrella/Poncho: There is a huge chance that it will rain on the night of Prom and the only way to prevent any damage to hair and clothes is to bring and umbrella or poncho. Girls who spend hours working on their hair and makeup will definitely regret not bringing something to protect themselves. For those of you guys renting tuxedos or wearing expensive brands, BRING AN UMBRELLA! Don't let the rain put a damper on what is supposed to be a night to remember. 

Advice from Kelsi Martens:  I would return those expensive shoes you bought because you’re going to be dancing all night and obviously those shoes are going to have to come off. It’s Prom! You should get dolled up and get low on the dance floor. Take a lot of pictures and enjoy your time. Of course you’ll need to make sure you bring with you: bobby pins, safety pins, chapstick, lip gloss or lipstick. Also don’t forget hairspray, extra deodorant and a phone charger. The most important thing for the guys to remember is the corsage, but also to be sweet and kind.