Kickin' into Gear

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This year the girls soccer team will be bringing in a new look and a stronger more confident mentality. Returning from last season with 12 loses and three wins, the goal is to give the team a new reputation.

The girls feel that in order to be more successful, they need to work on more team bonding and getting more comfortable with each other on and off the field. The locker room serves as an outlet for the girls where jokes are thrown, plays are ran over, and the players can encourage each other.

While focusing on their team relationships outside of the game, they also try to understand each other’s skills and abilities on the field.

”Our attack is so much better because we understand each other’s abilities on the field,” senior Cassidy Cobb said.

With a new season comes new faces. Some of whom are freshmen who are being incorporated as starters. According to head coach Gary Roberts, Princess Magadan and Aniya Reeves, both freshman, are expected to help with building a strong front line.

A number of returning seniors are giving it their all for their last high school season. The 2017 season looks promising for the girls, with new opportunities and an impressive record.

“We have so much new speed, a strong defense, and our midfield is getting stronger every practice,” senior Janae Green said.

Conditioning is something that is worked on heavily in practice. Working with speed and learning to shift will contribute to the girls’ future success. Commitment to the team is strong, and the girls are willing to give their all to win. Moving as one on the field is a key focus right now.

“The team seems more connected this year than it has been in the past on and off the field,” senior Kayla McClure said.