Servin' up a New Goal

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The volleyball team plans to come with the same stride as last year, but with more leadership and a hunger to win.

Last season, the girls managed 16 wins out of 28 games. Having six graduated seniors leave the team hasn’t left coach Kelli Marchello discouraged one bit.

Marchello believes they have a great chance of making their mark this season.

“We have a huge front line this year. The goal is to change the culture of volleyball.” Marchello said.

According to Marchello, seniors Deonna Harris, Shelbie Stotts, and Staci Gibson have done a great job with leadership preseason and are expected to dominate on the court as well. Being that it’s the last season, seniors are giving it all they have to come out strong.

“You can expect us to have just as a successful or more successful season than last,” senior Shelbie Stotts said.

With recent changes, the team is learning to be more adaptable. Many new faces will be on the court ready to make a name for themselves, but it’s not about each individual player. Playing as one is going to be crucial when facing their toughest competitors like Cathedral.

Opening the season with a tough loss to Pike, the Warriors are still not discouraged about the season. It’s clear that the girls are still in the spirit to give the game everything they’ve got.

“I know we have the potential to win and do so much better,” junior Prommyse Hoosier said.